Products & Services

Plastic Card

Plastic Cards, as generally known come in a variety of materials. From PVC to PET and Polycarbonate (PC) card materials to a mix of composite, we have the right knowledge and expertise to offer you the best product quality that will suit your needs. We have various finishing solutions including matte, gloss and tactile. We have developed special shapes for cards on our customer requests that are supported by card printers for further personalization. The addition of magnetic stripes in HiCo and LoCo formats including coloured magstripes like Gold, Silver, Red, Blue & Green in addition to the standard Black colour of magnetic stripes are also available. We have the capability to provide contact smart cards for various industries including government, financial, retail, education, health care, insurance. Our offerings also include contactless smartcards in Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) including RFID, Mifare, Desfire products.


Personalization can either be as simple as monochrome flat thermal printing, inkjet printing, full colour thermal transfer printing D2T2 or retransfer colour printing; We can also offer solutions for embossing of plastic cards as well as electronic personalization of smart card chips that may be in contact or contactless formats. We have various desktop card printers including thermal transfer printers, retransfer printers; various embossing machines of different capacity and configurations as well as large scale central issuance systems for high volume personalization in a short period of time.

Packing and Fullfilment

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